Parasite – Poor people cutting throats and rich people drinking wine

Parasite is the newest movie by the Korean director Bong Joon-Ho that depicts the war of survival between members of the lower class of society. Joon-Ho has previously gained recognition in the world of cinema with the movies: The Snowpiercer, Okja, Memories of Murder and The Host. Yet, his latest movie is just a masterpiece. I watched it three times within two days and if that does not mean that it is a must-watch then I do not know how to convince you my friend!

The story revolves around a low class family who lives in literal slums. They have to stay in the hopes of a nearby café or a forgetful family that does not put a password on their Wi-Fi to use the internet. They enjoy almost every evening drunkards coming at their door peeing and fighting for such is the neighborhood they live in. The four of them, including here the son and the daughter who are of working age, are jobless and they sustain themselves through part-time jobs. Yet, one can notice that this family was not always part of this class for it looks like they do have an education. The son Ki-Woo is good at English and very intelligent and the daughter of the family Ki-Jeon is very good with computers. Neither of them could continue school due to their parents losing their jobs. This depicts how easily people can lose their position in the society and how one’s life can change immediately in today’s ruthless capitalism.

And now the turning point! The son, Ki-Woo, gets the opportunity to pose as an English tutor pretending to have graduated from one of the best universities in South Korea. He has to tutor the young daughter of a rich couple, Mr. and Ms. Park, and this is when the wheel starts working. It seems that Ki-Woo entered this rich family without a definite plan but he manages to recommend his sister as an Art teacher for the youngest kid of the family. He does not tell them that she is her sister and claims that she has finished her studies abroad and is the best at her job. The movie makes it seem like rich people are lied easily as long as there is recommendations and prestigious schools being mentioned.

And Voila! One by one, the whole Kim family is employed by this rich household and the couple has no idea that their tutors, driver and housekeeper are all part of the same family. Yet, in order to get these positions, the Kim’s had to play dirty to cause the previous housekeeper and driver to be fired. Despite their unfair rules, it all comes down to survival and this family wants to definitely live.

And then, the wheel of the movie starts spinning faster. Until now, it was steady and moving more or less in a straight line. Now it starts moving in all the craziest directions. For fear of spoiling the movie, I will say no more on what happens but there is a twist, there is blood and there is madness!

This movie shows how poor people have to struggle and fight with each other to the death to gain a position in society and while the poor are cutting each other’s throat, the rich are drinking wine totally unaware of what is happening under their noses. For they have secured their position and they can afford tutors and private drivers. They can afford to pick between different prestigious schools and they can afford parties. This is totally alright for it is their right. Why not enjoy what you have!

Anyhow, I disagree with the title of the movie for the Kim family who managed to hire themselves by the wealthy Park family were not living parasitically. They were good at their job and although the daughter was pretending to be an art therapist for the youngest boy of the family, it did no real harm, did it? (Okay, okay, alright! But the others were good!) Thinking of that, maybe that is why the daughter ended like that! (*winks*) Also, the Kim family should have restrained themselves a bit and not make a whole party at their employers’ house when the Parks went camping. But the world at the bottom is harsh and one finds the rich life very sweet! Do not blame the Kim’s!

Anyhow the scenes are marvelous. The close ups and background are amazing and provide such a satisfaction to the eye! It really is a work of art! Moreover, I really love the soundtrack used during this movie.

Parasite has already won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and is selected by South Korea for the Best International Feature Film for the next Oscars and how I wish it could go for a Best Picture nomination for this film should win that.

And thus concluding my very sophisticated review I want to thank you dear members of the working class for reaching the end! Let us work and let us work well! Hurray!

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