All Accepting- Intolerance not allowed!

First Act

The scene is set in an international school whose central motto is to be accepting of people’s differences. The director and the whole staff praises themselves in being open minded and realizing that their students come from different backgrounds, have different religions, different political viewpoints and sexual orientations. The staff is subject to strict rules and they are penalized if the students report them for any signs of discrimination or offensive remarks towards their beliefs and background.

Yet, there are rules so the teens won’t go wild (because it is an international school with a dorm) and thus there is a curfew and students are not allowed to go out without permission during the school week. Right now, a houseparent (someone who is responsible for the dorm life) enters the room of a student named X for his curfew check and sees a coffee cup from a famous coffee chain in the bin. The cup is clearly new and has just been finished.

Houseparent: “Were you out?”

Student X: “I was not sir!”

Houseparent: “You were out! Look at the coffee cup!”

Student X: “I swear I was not!”

Houseparent: “Where did you get the coffee cup then?”

Student X: “God gave it to me!”

Houseparent: “You went out without permission!”

Student X: “Oh my sir! Are you saying God does not exist?”

Disclaimer: This is purely fictional. It is not based in any real events and it does not refer to any school.

Click picture to go to the instagram page of Niko Wu (@nikoful)
This photo is @nikoful ‘s property and it is purely intended for aesthetic purposes and because I love their work

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