Chilling movies for Late October Nights

The Shining

IMDb 8.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes 85%
Time: 2 h 26 mins
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Year: 1980

This movie is a classic one to watch on a late chilly night with someone else if you do not want to wet yourself when asleep. The film promises to be horrifying from the very beginning. The man of the family, Jack, decides to take a job as the caretaker of the Overlook hotel for the winter. He will live there alone with his family while the hotel will be completely abandoned awaiting the harsh winter.

While Jack is having the interview for the job, the son, Dany, has an episode while washing his teeth where his supposedly imaginary friend, Tony, warns him of the dangers of the Overlook Hotel. This all happens in the first 10 minutes, and one is terrified of observing that what everyone thought as just an imaginary friend, is actually real. This is one of the reasons why children are always scary, especially if you are left alone with one during the night. Yet, the family moves to the hotel and things look smooth until the inexplicable scenes of horror.

Jack starts to act weird and is completely absorbed by the curse of the hotel. His whole face gives you goosebumps. The way he moves his eyebrows even when he is smiling provides for a thriller effect.  This movie, besides being a must watch if you want to truly live during the Halloween month, is also perfect if you want to put your head at work at trying to explain its meaning. It is definitely a 10/10.

Train to Busan

IMDb 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes 93%
Time: 1 h 58 mins
Director: Yeon Sang-ho
Year: 2016

Zombies! Lots of zombies! If this is not perfect for October, then I do not know what do you consider perfect. The first characters to be introduced are a divorced father and his daughter who asks to visit her mother in the other side of the country as a birthday gift. They set up for their journey on the train to Busan. Yet, there are weird reports all over the city of violent protests. People are turning into mindless creatures with a thirst for blood.

A zombie enters the train and then it turns into a fight for survival. If you like zombies, and lots of running and hiding, this is a good movie to watch. The thrill is real and it does not become boring at all. The focus is also on a pregnant woman and her husband, a selfish businessman, an aparently homeless man and a baseball player and his friend. How many of them will turn into zombies and who will reach Busan with their human brain intact? I definitely recommend it if you want to spike up your adrenaline hormone.

Get Out

IMDb 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes 98%
Time: 1 h 44 mins
Director: Jordan Peele
Year: 2017

Chris, a black man, gets invited by his white girlfriend, Rose, to spend the weekend with her family in the suburbs. He is a bit concerned due to racism but his girlfriend is surely there to be his warrior in such issues. Her parents look fairly calm but there is a weird vibe around the house.

There are several black people that serve the family by cutting wood or doing other random house-chores. They act weirdly, their smiles seem fake, one of them is seen running full sprint in the middle of the night around the garden and the other is obsessed with looking at herself in the mirror. The mother of his girlfriend is a psychologist and literally, what more do you need to get the heck out!

Suddenly, a bunch of white people come at the house for a supposedly family party with their rich cars and Chris encounters more weirdos among them. There are talks about the superior race, there are creepy faces, crying while smiling and unplugged phones. If this does not make you wonder what is wrong with this family, then get out!

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