Prostitutes of the Mind

“They are negotiating.”

“On what?”

“The price of sleeping.”


“I heard they do it even 100 times a day. How strange.”

“At most, they do it twice or three times.”

But good girls do not do such things. They smile cutely to start an interest in you. A strange smile that you cannot find a meaning to. Then they decline you. Then you are madly in love with them. But you are actually not in love. They do not interest you. You are interested in the Vietnam War and Marxism.

But she does not care about politics because she is the center of the world. You care about tenderness and you look at female b00bs and then go on to talk about capitalism.

Let us smoke a cigarette! To the children of Marxism and Coca Cola*! (reference to Masculin Feminin)

Screen cap from the movie Masculin Feminin by Jean-Luc Godard

She gave you a present, a music CD. You told her you would have preferred Bach, Concert in D minor.

She became popular. A singer! She smiles for the camera and she apparently likes Bach! How unique and deep.

You do not care much. You care about the Vietnam War and Marxism.

A whore of the mind or a whore of the body?
Who has more dignity? Who is totally screwed?

People go around pointing at prostitutes, at women selling their body for money and they look down on them. They are selling their body for money! How rude! How degrading! What do they live for?

And then these people go around selling their time for money. They go around selling their individuality for popularity and a position. They sell their sad stories to get a place to Harvard or MIT. They sell their sadness to appeal to the public. They give the same speeches in a podium and post photos of them on social media and claim justice and change, and then they hide in their thoughts their disbelief and sell a positive aura to the general public.

People express an opinion and they are suddenly deep. They like classical music and they are suddenly smart.

People are becoming prostitutes of the mind, and everything is but a sham and a lie.

Screen cap from the movie Masculin Feminin by Jean-Luc Godard

This is inspired by the movie Masculin Femining (1966) with director Jean-Luc Godard. Recommended 10/10.

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