A Visual Diary – Food in Israel

You shall not suffer from sushi deprivation in Israel if your cravings for Asian food become intolerable. There are tons of good Asian restaurants all around the country and the taste is pretty authentic (according to a Chinese friend). One of the most popular ones is River. They offer a variety of sushi, rice and noodle choices. I must say that the food was pretty fresh and tasty (apart from one time but it was Saturday evening and not many people go out on a Shabbat dinner I guess). My top choice everytime I went to River (located in Ramat Hasharon) was Seven Wonders Noodles. They were stir fried noodles with beef, duck and chicken meat, onions, peanuts and coconut milk. It was truly delicious. The price may be a bit expensive (you need a nice budget to truly enjoy Israel). It costs about 57 ils which equals 17 usd, but one must say that it does satisfy your appetite as the portion is quite big.

As for sushi, I enjoyed the River Roll and BP Roll with each costing about 12 usd and having 8 rolls. Of course that vegetarian choices are always available at any restaurant considering the incredible number of vegetarian and vegan people in Israel.

Another choice to satisfy your Sushi love is Japanika. The staff is pretty friendly and you can also enjoy a nice conversation with the barista. Prices are similar with River and it is always full of people.

And the Holy Grail! Pizzaa! It is always a struggle between Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Eh man, my apologies! These two pizza giants are found all over America! Why come to Israel to try them? Well, I did not travel much and I followed the capitalist crowd and ended up here. Despite being famous pizza chains internationally, only Pizza Hut has tried to adapt to the Kosher lifestyle of Israelis.

Israeli cuisine follows a Kosher diet, meaning that there are several rules that all restaurants and dining halls in school campuses must follow. They are not allowed to mix diary products with meat and only certain animals are allowed to be eaten.

The dining hall in my campus served diary products for breakfast and dinner and meat products for lunch. Obviously you can eat whatever you want in your private kitchen but usually restaurants try to adhere to these strict dietary laws called Kashrut.

Since only Domino’s serves non Kosher products, it is a good choice if you miss the mix of meat and cheese together. Anyhow, you will not die in pain for not being able to eat this holy combination throughout the restaurants of Israel for there are always vegan choices such as Cheese which is not Cheese or Eggs that are not Eggs and whatnot. There are also very good vegan meat products that will make your transition to a Vegan lifestyle pretty easy (if you wanna).

And for dessert we go to Max Brenner! It is an Israeli chocolate resturant that has opened many points internationally as well. It is quite creative with its menu and offers many vegetarian and vegan options. They also have a small sweets shop inside the restaurant where you can buy chocolate products in cute boxes.

If you need refreshments, Rebar is the one to go. I remember the first sip from the drink I ordered and I felt like my whole brain lightened up. It is refreshing and you can truly enjoy the taste of fruits without it being sugary. Their combinations are exquisite and light.

For boba tea, try B-Fresh. Their bubble tea is very nice and I really enjoyed it.

Israel incorporates all kinds of menus in its belly and one is never bored from their food. I also really liked hummus, schnitzel and falafel. Israel is pretty famous for these three and let us not forget the Israeli salad. I remember I did not like hummus all that much in the beginning but then I fell in love with it.

Now the one billion dollar question! Schnitzel or falafel? I still do not have an answer but hummus is a great cuddler for both of them 🙂 (Can you even use cuddler like this? I make the rules so yep.)

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