Trampled-on Daisies?

The Whole World has gone bad. We shall go bad too.

Let’s start with the easiest task. The most innocent one. Fooling around with me (us). No strings.

What time does your train leave again? Hurry, hurry!

We finished fooling around with individual people? John? H-h-h-h Hhorrid? Which letter are we missing?

Let’s move on to food now. Let’s take a bath of eggs and milk and pickles. Existential crisis?

Dumb foolish ideas. They exist because you decided they exist. But as soon as the inescapable sun eats them up from your leafy memories, they evaporate in nothingness and you cannot remember their heaviness anymore. Did they ever exist or did you make them up?

We have to find something else now to trample on.

Let us destroy gardens.

But the village people do not seem to notice us. Why oh why do they not? Did Voltaire sprinkle his garden wisdom on their silent brains?

Do we even exist?

A fancy dinner. Let’s destroy it. I want to taste the burgeoning taste of desserts and meaty dishes. They are soon going to invite flies. Let us be the big flies!

Oh we drowned (choked on food- this the verdict). Help us help us. Let’s fix up our mind.

But something which has been trampled on cannot go back to what it was before.

Let us clean up the mess we made while covering our naked filthy bodies with lying newspapers. Oh the irony!

Pretend to not do harm individually and you can pass the test. And your mind must seem pure.

And then boom. Bombs. And killing and more lies.

And you have gone bad??

If you clean up the room and you are hardworking, 
you can be happy. 
But that’s true only if you are playing.

Let’s consume. Food? Thoughts? Life? Lies? Lies.

Consume like a caveman oh you child of capitalism having travelled through ancient history to slither around in the same hole of your bubbling filth.  


All screencaps are from the film “Daisies” dir. by Věra Chytilová in 1966.

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