I have no intentions with this blog. I have read about how to start one and how to get more views and yadda yadda but I find it a meaningless effort towards making yourself relevant which in turn influences how spontaneous you can be. Thus I am not trying, I am just writing. It is a way for me to sit down and write some of the things that come across my mind in a more organized manner. It is also an opportunity for me to organize my memories. This blog may be about my travels (since that is what is popular and I like photos), movies that I like, creative writings or about certain ideas/theories that I may need to develop further. I may sometimes try to be relevant by giving tips but I guess I will seldom fall into that category, thus this is not a “I am here to help you” blog.

Some of what I write may seem shallow, without much effort and I guess that is my theme. Whatever I post will have been written in a few hours within a day and without much editing (is that how others do it too?).

Facts about me? I like different colors depending on my mood. I like sunny days. I like movies, animes and whatever there is in that medium. I love reading and I can get interested in almost anything if the stars are aligned in just the right way.

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